Buckeye Fever

Pictures top-bottom are as follows:

Varsity Fields Superintendent Brian Gimbel (R) with assistants Brent Packer (M) and Brian Blount (L) on the stadium field. The field is currently 100% Kentucky bluegrass soil sod on a PAT system

Ohio Stadium, built in 1922 and renovated 1999-2001. Ohio Stadium has a current seating capacity of 101,568. The stadium is home to the college football team "The Buckeyes", who are currently ranked number 1 in the nation. On Saturday 18th, the Buckeyes play their rivals, Michigan, who are ranked number 2 in the nation. The winner of this game will probably go on to play in the national championship game.

Stadium crew takes off the rain tarp Friday morning 11/17/06. Possibly the worst job in athletics, placing and removing rain tarps is time consuming & hard work, but essential to keeping a field dry before a game if rain is forecast.

The field is painted, mowed & ready for play!
Intramural Field Superintendent, John Mott, paints Buckeye mascot Brutus onto the Fred Beekman Park complex on campus.

And finally Buckeye Turf Babes enjoy the view from the stadium press box, L-R: Lia Gimbel (dad is Field Superintendent Brian Gimbel), Hannah Hicks (dad is Turfgrass Pathologist Todd Hicks), Anna Gardner (dad is Dr. Dave Gardner), Jace Digman (dad is Turfgrass Entomologist Dan Digman), Jen Andon, Turfgrass Entomologist due January 1 2007, Jack Sherratt (mom is Sports Turf Specialist Pam Sherratt), and Evan Gardner (dad is Dr. Dave Gardner)


Authors: Pam Sherratt