Sports Turf Managers Association

The national Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) has just updated their web-site. The association supports education, training and research in the sports turf industry and has a conference each year in January. The 2002 conference will be held in Vegas.

So what are the benefits of joining an association?

It will give you an opportunity to be part of a professional organization that is striving hard to raise the profile of our industry. Monthly newsletters and magazines keep managers up-to-date with technology and news of other sports fields. There is an opportunity to meet with peers and learn from each other at the conference or one of the regional workshops.

In addition to the national STMA, there are local STMA Chapters throughout the United States.

The Ohio Sports Turf Managers Association (OSTMA) currently has over 165 members and is growing. They hold regional tours and workshops and get involved in many sports turf events. If you join the association you also get regular newsletters and a membership roster, which is a great networking tool.

Authors: Pam Sherratt