Australian Bushfires

My name is James Carroll and I am from Australia. I am here through the Ohio International Internship Program coordinated by Mr. Mike Chrisman and Mr. Mike O'keeffe. I have been fortunate as part of my internship to attend classes during Winter Quarter here at The Ohio State University. Earlier this week in Dr. Danneberger's class he asked me if I had heard from anyone back home regarding the bushfires that have been raging through Victoria. I decided to check with some of my friends back home.

One of my mates sent me a few pictures of his farm in Victoria. The bush fires destroyed his farm but they were able to save their house and are thankful that they are alive and safe. All the pictures were taken on his property including the amazing picture of a helicopter filling up with water from his dam.

For additional information and photographs click on Boston.com

Authors: James Carroll